The Mangere Bridge Trolley Derby is all about getting children and adults working together as a team, designing and building a soapbox cart. Culminating in a family fun day on Taylor Road, Mangere Bridge in late November each year, to help celebrate their work where they can race and display their trolleys.


We want to help encourage positive adult role models for youth in the community by providing a project that a child and adult can work on together - whether it's a Mum, Dad, Grandparent, Neighbour, Uncle, or Auntie helping out.

We'll be providing build clinics closer to the date, with experts on hand to help you out, so even if you've never built anything before, we'll help you sort your Phillips head from your Allen key.

Corporate teams and adults are also encouraged to enter with the Monarch of the Hill category, so if you think you've got what it takes get building now.


Why a Trolley Derby? We believe the journey is as important as the destination. Trolley Derby's help promote families and loved ones to work together, with adults teaching youngsters how to design, build and develop a cart, along the way teaching each other planning, workmanship, team work, sportsmanship and the sense of accomplishment in building something with their own hands.


All culminating with a family oriented community day where we can celebrate the completion of the project with a day full of good spirited competition - with races to see who's built the fastest soapbox racer, a show & shine, and some great prizes for Style-Meister: Open to any age group. Be creative with your trolley design and make it a complete package by creating a co-ordinated costume and you could be in with chance to win the style-meister award

Plus we really want to encourage the good old kiwi No.8 wire attitude with a prize for Backyard Brilliance: Open to any trolley built on a budget of $200 or less.






2012 was our first year running the Mangere Bridge Trolley Derby and what an amazing day it turned out to be. We had a fantastic turnout with almost 50 competitors racing down Ambury Road. We are planning on having this as a yearly event and we hope to turn it into a real tradition for the Mangere Bridge community with each year being bigger and better. The 2013 event is being run down Taylor Road, a steeper and hopefully slightly faster course than 2012 so hopefully provides more exciting times for everyone involved.

Having never organised or even participated in a Trolley derby before we researched local derbys for ideas and to see how local events had been run. Hoping to garner a little bit of information and get some advice we contacted Tim Bayley from the Nelson Trolley Club. The Nelson Trolley derby has been running since the 1960's so is truely oldschool, and Tim has been in charge of organising it since 2002.

We were fortunate to have Tim give us a lot of useful information. He also rather generously suggested that we could run with the same rules and regulations that they have developed over the years, and then be able to be associated with their fantastic event - how could we pass up an opportunity like that.

This means that for serious competitors you can enter and race in both events, plus this also saved us a lot of time and hard work having to devise rules and regulations - cheers Tim.

2013 was run on a new course down Taylor road that offered a steeper slope, and further distance - that means more speed, more thrills, and a few more spills.

2014 was run on Taylor road again, however we extended the course a further 50meters - even more fun!


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